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Crystal Shavon is a gifted young wig stylist from Shreveport, La. Crystal has always had a passion for hair. Crystal's currently running C.Shavon Beauty Studio in Shreveport, La daily where she provides beautiful wig installs and services to her clients. She will continue to spread nothing but love, peace, positivity, & inspiration to everyone she crosses paths with.  

Crystal has searched and tried countless numbers of vendors until she found the best hair to help you achieve FLAWLESS styles. With over 6 years of knowledge, she is proud to have her own RAW Indonesian hair and wig collections that are trusted by many professionals in the beauty industry.

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Watch, through the lens of Instagram, as my business and life continues to grow and transform. Everything from my day-to-day life to huge milesetones that I accomplish. Come along for the journey. 

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