Build Your Own Custom Closure Wig

$300.00 - $550.00
Build Your Own Custom Closure Wig

Want a custom Wig by C.Shavon but don’t see what your looking for ??

Build your own Custom Closure Wig :

Step 1: Choose Texture
Step 2: Choose Length
Step 3: During Checkout: Include CAP SIZE, STYLE(straight, wand curls, baby hairs), and LOCATION OF PART(side part, middle part)
Step 4: (Optional) “Color Services”

Ex: 26’ straight right side part with baby hairs.
If you have a picture of desired look email to

Please read: All Pre Order Units take 7-14 business days to be completed and shipped. Shipping takes 2-3 days. All units come Ready to wear with an elastic band for self installation.

Drop off/Pick up location will be sent via email once order is confirmed.

Build Your Own Custom Closure Wig