Meet the CEO

   My name is Crystal Shavon Holley. I am 27 and a self taught wig maker. I have been making wigs for about 3 years. It is my passion and I take pride in my work . I have worked diligently through trial and error to find the best hair to use for my wig .

    After investing thousands of dollars on my hair, I have found some beautiful bundles that last up to three years with proper care. I have turned my love into my part-time job. My only goal is to turn it into my full time job. I provide the best wigs on the market at the most affordable prices possible.

    It gives me great pleasure when women receive their wigs and love every piece. I want to provide the best customer service possible. And I want to thank you for coming to my website and giving me a chance. I hope you loveee your unit . 

-“Every Queen Needs Her Crown”

CEO- C. Shavon